There’s no decision on Mitsubishi Evo yet

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Mitsubishi made high alert when it presented the e-Evolution concept. At the 2017 Tokyo motor show and portrayed the antithesis of what the “Evolution” nameplate has long been, the concept car debuted. However, Mitsubishi says that it hasn’t made yet a decision about a new Evo . It says that f it does decide to build one, it’s won’t come soon.

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation chief operating officer Trevor Mann spoke at length with Motoring about the e-Evolution and the future of the nameplate. He said the e-Evolution provides an avenue that the Evo could go, but it doesn’t necessarily preview a production vehicle. In fact, the brand’s global product planning and development head, Vincent Cobee, said a new Evo isn’t part of the current plan.

Coby said “Is there going to be an SUV Evo? Not in my current plan.”

Coby said “Is there going to be an SUV Evo? Not in my current plan. I’m not even sure of what an Evo customer will be interested in buying”. The executive had a suggestion for Mitsubishi that it might widen many  concepts of e-Evolution’s design and engineering across multiple future vehicles, but said the “path to a new Evo is a long one.”

Cobee cited Mitsubishi’s new Nissan alliance, the shrinking market for sedans, and the brand’s goal for profitability by March 2019 as factors hindering any halo or enthusiast projects. Realistically, he said a new Evo wouldn’t be profitable at all, though he asked the hypothetical, “is it interesting as a showcase, as a halo?”

Mitsubishi left the door open to some sort of new Evo in the future, though it seems clear it won’t be similar to the ten generations of Evo proceeding it. When asked if Mitsubishi will become a full crossover and SUV brand, Mann said, “I’m not going to say yes and I’m not going to say no. I’m saying it could be possible.”

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