The UK is banning diesel

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Ever since the famous “dieselgate” scandal, diesel cars have not had a good reputation and are slowly becoming a thing of the past as the car market turns to electrified cars.

According to Vrele Gume, this is exactly the situation in Great Britain, which is one of the few countries that have decided to exclude diesels from traffic.

The British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has already announced the plan to ban the sale of new petrol and diesel cars in the country from 2030. It is at the same time an ambitious and daring project that the public considers to be decisive in the fight against pollution and global warming.

It is also a move that has a strong impact on carmakers. Especially those who willingly or unwillingly need to step up their efforts to launch electric models.

Many have done just that. According to a report by the British Daily Mail, sales of electric cars almost doubled last year, while diesel sales fell by more than half. Of course, diesels still have an advantage over battery-powered vehicles, but what is indicative is that plug-in hybrids have surpassed them.

The initial steps are promising, but the road is still long. After all, electric cars still account for only 0.3 percent of all passenger car sales in the United Kingdom.

Meanwhile, the companies, at least some of them, are not too happy about the deadline given until 2030. The leaders of BMW and Honda believe that concrete planning is lacking in everything, and they could be right.

The UK still lacks a lot in terms of expanding the infrastructure for new battery-powered vehicles, in the sense that, regardless of autonomy, they will never be too far from the charging station. However, the British, despite the big job that awaits them, are determined to throw diesel and petrol cars off their roads.

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