The Sale Of Replica Cars Is Now LEGAL In The US

If you desire something truly special and exotic but can’t shell out the money needed for a Bugatti Chiron or similar, a well-engineered and designed replica should do the job. Any number of specialist companies can make your dream come true and, whether you desire a $1.2 million Cobra or a modernized Ferrari 250 GTO, they’ve got you covered.

A new provision is set to make things easier for small volume manufacturers. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has finalized regulations to enact the Low Volume Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Act. This will allow companies to start selling replica cars that resemble motoring icons produced at least 25 years ago.

The policy change first became law in 2015 and is great news for the industry. Regulations will allow replica car businesses to create and sell replicas to customers across the USA.

The law allows low-volume carmakers to construct up to 325 replicas a year, subject to federal regulatory oversight. As mentioned, the cars can only resemble production vehicles produced at least 25 years ago. For most enthusiasts, that shouldn’t be an issue, as pre-1997, there were a ton of cool cars around.

The regulations are a game-changer for smaller companies. Before this, the US had one system for regulating vehicles, geared toward larger companies that mass-produce large quantities of vehicles. The new guidelines take the challenges facing specialist manufacturers into account.

Photo: GTO Engineering

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