The return of Honda Super Cub – Retro Electric

Honda recently announced the return of its Super Cub to America. However, the model has been around for 60 years and, in some countries, it’s been part of the landscape for just as long. One shop in particular is offering buyers an opportunity to convert their Super Cub to electric power.

It has even inspired some custom shops to give the little half-scooter, half-motorbike their own twist. 

ncentives to trade petrol engines for electric ones have become increasingly aggressive—aggressive as in banning petrol-powered motorcycles from city centers and ramping up pricing for a license plate. These measures have forced people to default to cleaner alternatives, and also to look for models that look and feel like actual motorcycles rather than bicycles.

This is where Shanghai Customs stepped in. Lead by New Zealander Matthew Waddick, the company hasn’t been afraid to disassociate “Chinese” and “cheap” by collaborating with high-end boutiques. Last year, the team came up with the eCub project which not only offered new buyers a fully electric Honda Super Cub, but also targeted existing Super Cub owners with a conversion kit. – credit to Insideves.


The original eCub was built on the existing Cub, breaking down its frame to the essential and trading the gas tank for a battery.  This year, the company has come up with the eCub2, the eCub with a retro twist.



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