The Next Porsche Cayman GT4 will maybe get a huge 4.0-Liter Flat Six

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We never thought that the current Porsche Cayman GT4 would happen. It’s a lightweight mid-engine vehicle. It has a naturally aspirated engine from the 911 and a six-speed stick. It was faster when it was launched and also more fun than many of similar expensive cars. Now, as inside sources say, Porsche is coming with an even faster GT4.

Porsche is coming with an even faster GT4

That source spoke no long ago to Autocar about the some developments of a future GT4. Source told to the publication that Porsche plans to put a 4.0-liter flat-six engine into the vehiclde. Porche will name it the GT4 RS. A report from Auto Express says that the GT4 RS is rumor. That might seem spare for the lightweight Cayman, but as Autocar’s source says, there’s pretty good reason behind that.

Knowledgeable source, as it seams to be, contends that Porsche found out that the current 718 Cayman S can lap the Nürburgring is fast like the current GT4 when it adjusted with that vehicle’s tires. Hence, making the GT4 faster than its lesser, turbo-four-cylinder-powered siblings without forced induction, putting in a huge naturally aspirated engine, is the only way.

It’s not sure whether this is rumored or not, but 4.0-liter engine would be the same thing used in the current GT3 RS and 911 R, or the new engine that they took from the RSR race vehicle—and it seems like it is fated for the next-generation 911 GT3.

It is rumored that it will probably make minimum 430 horsepower—less than the 500-plus that is expected from the GT3 that is coming, but a major improvement over the current GT4’s 385 horses, whichever engine ends up in the next GT4.

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