The next BMW M5 will be all-wheel-drive, you just need to press the rear-drive button

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The next BMW M5 is in effect warant to be all-wheel drive, like it or not. Torque vectoring, traction control and stability control can do much to help set rear-drive power down safely. M division’s CEO is Frank van Meel. He has already confessed that a move to rear-biased AWD  had to happen in the BMW super-sedan. But there are good news is. The next M5, will might be offering a button to turnback to rear-wheel-drive on demand.

As German-language magazine reports, Bimmertoday (as translated by BMWBlog), customers of the next-gen M5 will be able to turn to rear-drive by selecting the suitable drive mode. You will still be able to lug around the weight of the AWD system. At least tail-happy shenanigans will be available at when you press the a button.

The 2018 Mercedes-AMG E63 S is now all-wheel drive—but in Race mode

Alike that, the 2018 Mercedes-AMG E63 S is now all-wheel drive—but in Race mode. Customers can take both of two paddle shifters to completely cut off the front axle for rear-drive hilarity.

If we consider the all-weather traction improvements and acceleration , we can understand why BMW wants to make the next M5 all-wheel-drive. But you must admit it, you like the idea of possibility to turn the new M5 into a 600-horsepower drift rocket any time you get it into a track.

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