The new Kia Sorento gets a multi-stage braking system

The new Sorento is the first Kia with a new multi-stage braking system that helps prevent secondary collisions …

The new Sorento is Kia’s first model equipped with Kia’s innovative Multi-Collision Brake system (MCB), which helps prevent injuries in secondary collisions after an initial collision.

The MCB brakes automatically when the airbags are activated

The system is designed to prevent or reduce the severity of injuries in secondary collisions that can occur when the vehicle is still stopping, often beyond the driver’s control. The system is activated after opening the airbags, which is an indicator of the risk of injury and requires mediation. After activation, the system measures the vehicle speed and change of direction, while the system stops the vehicle in a controlled manner by braking with the appropriate intensity.

The system monitors the position of the pedals to check if the driver is trying to accelerate or a brake. If the MCB system detects too little or no driver intervention, then it is mediated by an electronic stability system (ESC) that uses the appropriate amount of braking force to stop the vehicle. The system operates up to 180 km / h, as braking at even higher speeds can cause other serious consequences.

The 4th generation Sorrento will be the first Kia model in Europe to feature this innovative safety technology. The Sorrento will be one of the safest cars in its segment, because it is equipped with various technologies to prevent collisions, such as e.g. Kia’s latest crash prevention system (FCA) with pedestrian, cyclist, and vehicle recognition. MCB expands the scope of Sorrento’s security tasks by focusing on situations immediately after the accident, thus improving the already rich security package.

MCB standard on all Sorrento variants – and plug-in hybrids arriving in early 2021

The MCB system will be part of the standard equipment of all variants of the Sorrento, including the new plug-in hybrid that we expect in Europe at the beginning of next year.

Euro NCAP rewards MCB with additional points

The effectiveness of the MCB system in preventing secondary accidents has been recognized in the organization


Euro NCAP. Vehicles equipped with this system receive additional points for the protection of adult passengers. Empirical tests of the system have shown that vehicles with MCB are present in 8% fewer fatal accidents, and with it, in the event of an accident, 4% fewer serious injuries occur than in vehicles without MCB. Kia will install the MCB system in other models from its offer from next year.

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