The Flow – Electric Scooter With 50-Mile Range

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The Flow it’s like any other electric scooter at the first sight. But underneath its fiberglass bodywork the model hides some pretty impressive tech. 22Motors developed an app that accompanies the Flow which utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning.

With the usual GPS, alerts for texts, calls, geo-fencing capabilities, theft alerts, and traffic/road condition updates, the scooter’s software also records user data and inputs and learns the owner’s typical behavior. The Flow is able to detect and warn its rider if any unusual change in behavior/riding is detected. 


  • CBS (Combined Braking System) with both Front & Rear Disc for enhanced safety.
  • Tubeless Tyres designed in 3 parts for maximum safety and efficiency.
  • High Accelaration & Torque Max troque 90Nm (@100 rpm).
  • Water & Dust Protection Protected with IP65. EBS is protected up to 230mm of water.
  • Front & Rear Weight Ratio Designed for enhanced riding experience.
  • Suspension Front Telescopic / Rear Dual Hydraulic Suspension.
  • Frame Fully robotic welding process with automatic cathodic electrophoresis painting.

When your machine knows better then you

The Flow is also able to give alert for service schedule needs, and it can even order parts automatically so they arrive when before or when they’re needed.



Developed by 22Motors

22Motors company develops in the Flow cloud-connected lithium ion batteries and a controller.

2.1kW Power from a Bosch hub motor—equipped with regenerative braking capable of recycling more than five percent of the battery’s life.  Weight of less than 190 pounds provides the Flow top-speed of around 40 miles per hour.

  • Power Train DC Motor developed by Bosch.
  • Regenerative Braking System(KERS) Every time you brake, braking energy is fed back to the battery. Reduces braking distances by up to 60% Recycles 6% of the battery capacity.
  • Space for 2 helmets
  • All LED Lights & Projector Head Lamp State-of-the-art light technology used for the first time in a scooter.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity Seamless interaction between your phone and your 2-wheeler
  • Reverse, Cruise & Drag ModeSwitch on these smart modes to ride or move the scooter with ease


About five hours of charging takes battery to be full via a standard charger. A full battery gives the Flow a range of 50 miles, though 22Motors says it can fit two batteries to extend its range.

Other features include underseat storage large enough to fit a full-face helmet. Reverse gear for easy parking, USB port, disc brakes fore and aft, cruise control, and full LED lighting.

Regular will happen later this summer. Pricing is reportedly pretty reasonable too, at just $1,125.


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