Tesla’s Model X, with new storage space of 88 cubic feet becoming best-in-class SUV cargo

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After several weeks of expecting and getting new information from Tesla, the avalanche of new feeds does not slowing down. According to the newest, Tesla is finally ready to introduce its 5-seat configuration. Model X SUVs with 6 and 7 seat configurations are delivered in a few thousands, and now company confirmed it will come with fold-flat second-row seats. It is highly expected that the result is will be the best vehicle in its class for storage space of 88 cubic feet.

New option for maximizing cargo capacity in its updated online design studio is announced by the Tesla: “Model X is equipped with a second row bench seat that folds flat in our five seat interior configuration. Designed with 60/40 split to recline separately or fold entirely flat, this opens up 88 cubic feet of interior cargo storage.“

Previous best cargo configuration of the Model X had six seats and 77 ft³ of cargo space. 88 ft³ is a record for luxury SUVs, sine Model X  has overcome competition like the BMW, Porsche, Audi, Volvo or even Ford with it most popular vehicle by its cargo space Ford Flex

At the end of the last year Tesla started deliveries of Model X only with the 6 and 7-seat configurations. Some buyers who insisted on a 5-seat configuration waited, but other who didn’t want to wait have had agreed on available options. Bottom line is that the best luck had the ones with more patience

Novelties comes with Model S, after Model 3, and Model X

Tesla changed the designed studio for Model S and, just a few days after announcing of the “Tesla Glass” tech group in the company, and now the newest info is thst all-glass roof option will be added for the Model S. the sunroof price is same as previously was, $1,500. Panoramic sunroof option will cost $2,000.

The new option notes that it is “Tesla Recommended for an open, expansive cabin feel.”  The option removes the crossbar over the car’s B-pillar, and should make the Model S interior feel even more airy than with the panoramic sunroof.

While Tesla’s website doesn’t give many specifics about the new roof, insiders are predicting  that the glass roof will probably include the same UV and heat blocking ability as the panoramic sunroof.  According to companies claims the panoramic roof blocks 98% of UV rays and 81% of heat.

Tesla’s recently-released v8.0 software does include “cabin overheat protection,” and Model S owners can always use the Tesla app on their smartphone to turn air conditioning on before returning to the car.

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