Tesla with new Autopilot later this month?

Tesla announced that it would release a complete update to its Autopilot system later this month, including new self-driving capabilities.

The new version will update the system with faster hardware as well as new optical software that CEO Elon Musk says will improve safety.

The company has chips working in prototypes that will drop-in to all three of the company’s models: S, X, and 3. But they did not specify whether the new chip could be substituted in early cars. Cars equipped with Autopilot Version 1 hardware.

Substituting a new chip would require Tesla drivers to schedule a visit with a service center. To get the new features and the new hardware. 

Tesla releases new features via over-the-air software updates. But there is another problem. The announcement indicates that the cars’ Autopilot 2 hardware may not have the capacity to accommodate the upgrade.

Several Teslas using Autopilot have been involved in high-profile crashes when the cars were under the software’s control. Tesla has responded to the crash reports saying that drivers were using the system inappropriately.

CEO Elon Musk said last month that Version 9 would “begin to enable full-self driving features.”

Autopilot Version 9 is not expected to be available to all Tesla owners until later.

Source: Nick Energy, Greencarreports, Twitter

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