Tesla supply other automakers again

Did you know that Tesla was supplying other automakers, trough electric vehicle development and manufacturing? It is not well known information about the Silicon Valley cars and batteries producers, because the other car makers didn’t advertise this fact towards their consumers. Nevertheless, various productions for other automakers was  important part for Tesla’s revenue in previous period.

Among the companies clients was Mercedes. Tesla developed and manufactured electric power-trains for its smart EV and B-Class, also for Toyota second generation Rav4 EV. This cooperation was finished last year when Tesla ended involvement with the Mercedes B-Class electric program. According to the yesterday’s news, that is going to change again.

Tesla finished acquisition of Grohmann Engineering

German engineering group, “Grohmann Engineering “is an important supplier of automation systems for the automotive industry, and now, after the acquisition will become “Tesla Grohmann Automation”.

How the group will continue to function explained CEO Klaus Grohmann:  “We have practically all the big automotive manufacturers as our clients. We also have the semiconductor producers as clients, as well as significantly large companies in the field of bio-automation and life science.”

Grohmann expects Tesla’s positive contribution to the solutions his firm offers to its clients: “We think that we will be maintaining the infrastructure that we have so far and we will in the future be even more capable of providing our customers with specific solutions. In respect to the automotive industry, Tesla’s solution is a different way – not in a technologically competing way – and maybe, or hopefully, a more successful technology.”

Tesla CEO Elon Musk confirmed that Tesla will honor the contracts, and described the acquisition of Grohmann Engineering as the basis of the Tesla’s new ‘Tesla Advanced Automation’ group.  It will engage more than 1.000 engineers in 2 next years, with the task to focus on developing systems to automate and scale the production of electric vehicles – As Musk called “the machine that builds the machine”.

He added: “If you apply Tesla’s philosophy to help the whole automotive industry in moving to e-mobility – as you may know, Tesla made all of its patents freely available just to be helpful to the rest of the industry and as a gesture of goodwill. And that’s something we expect to continue.”

Tesla is planning expansion of the new business and the analysts are already predicting that this acquisition sounds like a new business: “supplying the machine that builds the machine”.

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