Tesla Model 3 Performance

Tesla performance Model 3 destroyed C7 Corvette at the strip

InCar: Tesla Model 3 Performance vs C7 Corvette

We won’t say much about it… First there is all in video or in other words – that was sick.

Also there is a lot of difference between these two vehicles. Part of scenario are some expected, some not.

Chill Cars

Video description:

ProTip: Manual transmission cars are difficult to launch well without a ton of practice. Automatics make you much quicker but are generally less entertaining to drive. Teslas are effortlessly quick. Quick enough that they are still entertaining.

Yes, I redlighted. :( And no, it doesn’t affect the 1/4 mile time on the timeslip.

  • Corvette: 2.364 60′, 8.918@88.38 1/8 mile, 13.278@113.19 1/4 mile
  • P3D: 1.808 60′, 7.489@94.31 1/8 mile, 11.739@114.12 1/4 mile 



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