Tesla overcome value of Ford

Tesla’s stock recently gained in value while Ford’s took a tumble and today it resulted in Tesla’s market capitalization surpassing Ford’s for the first time. Tesla closed at $45.47 billion today while Ford is now worth $45.35 billion, according to Google Finance, despite the latter selling 30x more cars in the US alone than the former delivers globally.

Tesla is an overvalued scam run by Elon Musk to keep raising more money on the stock market, like the company did just a week ago. And the go-to argument to support that is that Tesla is valued at the same market capitalization as other automakers delivering a million vehicles per quarter while Tesla has yet to deliver 100,000 vehicles in a full year – and they do it while turning a profit, which Tesla has yet to do for a full year.

Tesla is not just the automaker anymore

Tesla chief executive Elon Musk has launched Neuralink, a start-up which aims to develop technology that connects our brains to computers. A report from the Wall Street Journal, later confirmed in a tweet by Mr Musk, said the company was in its very early stages and registered as a “medical research” firm.

The company will develop so-called “neural lace” technology which would implant tiny electrodes into the brain. The technique could be used to improve memory or give humans added artificial intelligence. According to the Journal, leading academics in the field have been signed up to work at the company which is being funded privately by Mr Musk. Specialists in the field envision a time when humans may be able to upload and download thoughts.

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