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Tesla Model Y revealed (VIDEO)

The latest Model Y rumors, predictions and related news seem to suggest it will have a base price of around $45,000. That is is $10,000 more than a standard Tesla Model 3.

It’s expected that Tesla will formally announce some sort of official pricing tonight, as well as reveal detailed specs on the Y.

The Model Y will share about 75 percent of the parts that make up the Model 3, so we can expect it to offer similar performance, style, and overall cost. We don’t have exact specifics on the Model Y yet, but it will be here soon.

Musk once said the Model Y will be about 10 percent bigger than a Model 3, cost about 10 percent more, and have “slightly less range for [the] same battery.”

If the Model Y has “slightly less range” with the same battery, that means the base version (which will likely be referred to as the “standard range Model Y”) will offer a little less than 220 miles on a full charge. The most expensive Model Ys will be capable of traveling about 300 miles.

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