Tesla Model S gets stolen – Watch on camera

The percentage of stolen Tesla cars is not high and many of those are later returned to owners, however here is the present of an example showing that in some cases the car can be stolen quite easily.

Two thieves stole the Tesla Model S in Epping, Essex, UK because the car was in the driveway with enable passive entry active and no PIN to drive setting. Thieves spotted the key fob signal at the back of the house, amplified it and entered the vehicle.

This Model S was stolen in Epping, Essex. The key was at the back of the house, but PIN to drive was off and passive entry was enabled.”

By disabling remote access to the car, tracking by the owner or by the manufacturer was not possible either.

This whole occurrence is easily preventable though. Here’s how: So the Elon Musk said it right>

Youtube Antony Kennedy, Insideevs

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