Tesla Model 3 adopts CCS Combo connector in Europe

Tesla confirmed that the European version of the new Model 3 will be fitted with a CCS Type 2 Combo..

with an adapter available for the Model S and Model X, which currently have a Tesla Type 2 socket.

The announcement marks a technical turning point for Tesla..

Which until now has relied on its own version of the Type 2 Mennekes connector. Adopting the CCS Combo connector brings Tesla in to line with other EU car makers.

The change will be beneficial for Tesla EV owners. Model 3 drivers will be able to use the expanding network of rapid CCS chargers across the EU.

In the UK alone, there are more than 1,240 rapid units fitted with a CCS connector, as compared to only 340 Tesla Superchargers. While the latter can provide up to 120 kW. Model 3 owners will welcome the opportunity to access the more numerous CCS stations.

In addition, Model 3 owners will continue to have access to Tesla’s own Supercharger network.  The start of a retrofit programme for the European Supercharger network which will provide ‘dual charge cables’ to both support the existing Tesla Type 2 and CCS standard.

Those interested in the technical issues will wonder why Tesla didn’t continue to stick with its class-leading Tesla Type 2 port.

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