Tesla launched a new program “Drive to Believe”

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“Drive to Believe” program was launched this weekend from the Tesla company. It is about new campaign trough out the automaker is trying to get to the wider range of customers across the Europe. This action is planned for one obviously clear reason: to raise the sails results and the management is hoping that the customers will like to keep the vehicles after the trial period.

The owners on the markets all over the Europe are invited to interchange their vehicles for Tesla Model S for the period of one week

“Drive to Believe” program participants will be selected on online competition

Tesla will be selecting participants through an online competition, and on the webpage where people can register to enter the competition is written:

“Model S is designed from the ground up to be the safest, most exhilarating sedan on the road. At Tesla, we believe that it takes driving a Tesla and experiencing its superior performance, safety, and technology, to be convinced. We now want to give you that opportunity as well.”

The competition is only open to 25-year old or older residents in the following European markets: UK, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, France, Austria, Belgium, Finland, Luxembourg, Italy, Denmark, Ireland.

It covers all main European markets where the Model S and X are currently selling. Applications can be submitted until the last day of the year 2016.

The company released the video to promote the challenge. Message of the video for the contestants is made out of the critics and reviews about the Model S advantages, from most influence critics and promoters. Consumers Reports review quote: ”This is the car that sets new benchmarks”. GQ’s “autopilot is an amazing autonomous driving experience” was mentioning the future car performances. Top Gear comment is strong and sending the clear message:  “380 km between charges and no bother at all”.

Tesla models potential buyers, for sure have the great opportunity to test their new car before purchase is closed.

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