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Tesla’s director is challenged by Hyundai bilboard for new Kona electric

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New electric vehicles have been unveiled in recent time and people like to call them ‘Tesla killers’ or say that they are directly aimed at competing with Tesla.

Bilboard story

Hyundai certainly thinks so since it apparently went as far as challenging Tesla CEO Elon Musk in billboards seen in Europe. It’s not the first time that Tesla has been teased in billboards from competitors.

Last year Audi had a series of bilboards teasing Tesla and Ellon Musk over their concept. How it passed: Well, it was laughed off by Tesla fans and EV enthusiasts. Since it was about a vehicle concept that we knew little about and it is not even set for production until a few more years.

But Hyundai unveiled its new Kona Electric last week and the vehicle is set to enter production in the coming.

The Kona Electric is compact SUV with a range of up to 292 miles, according to Hyundai.

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