Tesla crossed the mark 100,000 vehicles delivery in the U.S.

In the first working week of the year 2017 Tesla delivered total 22,200 vehicles. 12,700 were Model S and 9,500 Model X. Tesla has delivered over 183,000 Model S and X vehicles over the last 4 years. Tesla revealed that the sales in the last quarter of 2016 was lower than it was planned.

However mark of 100,000 vehicles delivered in the US is crossed. This milestone is important because of the federal tax credit which will start after automaker deliver 200,000 vehicles. This mark should be achieved after deliveries of Model 3 during the first couple of months of this model production.

Tesla’s certified pre-owned vehicles still have unlimited free supercharging

President of Sales in Tesla, Jon McNeill, confirmed on Twitter the information that all Tesla’s certified pre-owned vehicles still have unlimited free supercharging. He wrote: “All Tesla’s purchased with Supercharging for life carry that benefit for the life of the car”.

Right now, Tesla is listing Model S CPOs from $50,000 (S 60) to $114,000 (fully equipped S P90D). Currently, it looks like all those cars would have free unlimited access to Tesla’s Supercharger network, though I would verify for the Model S 60 before purchasing since the early version had access only as an option. Only the vehicles originally purchased after January 15th that will become CPOs will not have access to the free unlimited Supercharging since it’s the deadline to order a new car.

In the meanwhile, Tesla has released more details about the ‘Gigafactory 1’ (GF1) and its plan to build the largest rooftop solar array in the world.

GF1 is an all-electric factory with no fossil fuels (natural gas or petroleum) directly consumed. We will be using 100% sustainable energy through a combination of a 70 MW solar rooftop array and solar ground installations. The solar rooftop array is ~7x larger than the largest rooftop solar system installed today, company wrote in the handout.

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