Tesla bought Infinibox storage system?

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Rumor says Tesla bought a new million dollar worthy state of the art data storage system to support its new Autopilot program. Information goes from different sources and since its coming from many directions one of them is claiming that the new Inifibox is not for the Autopilot program. Yet, some says that the new Autopilot is increasing Tesla’s need for data storage.

Whatever could be the reason for this investment, its known that Tesla’s next generation Autopilot/self-driving hardware system has a lot more sensors gathering data than its previous generation. The fleet of Tesla is growing, as figures showing that quarterly production is 25,000 new vehicles. That means that more data is gathering, so it’s needed more solid data storage infrastructure to support its fleet learning capability.

Elektrek wrote on its website the information about Tesla’s recent investment in a new system. According to them new state of the art suite needs to support electric cars producers  new Autopilot program, and the significant amount data expected to be collected through it.

Tesla still planning to start autonomous drive two years before competition

Slogan of INFINIDAT is that companies who acquire, store and analyze the most data, achieve the greatest competitive advantage. This statement is accepted as truthful, and Tesla is leaning on it.

The automaker has the ambitious plan to bring autonomous driving in its vehicles in 2018, as opposed to the competitor plans for 2020. Besides, Tesla gathered hundreds of millions of miles data, using its first generation Autopilot program. It is seen as an important factor in Tesla’s confidence in being the first to market.

Even though the Tesla implementing next generation hardware suite with 8 cameras, 1 radar, and 360 ultrasonics, the data from the first program is still useful. Data collected through the sensors of all the cars are used to make the high-precision maps of the driving environment, and sending them back to vehicles when driving in the certain zone. It provides more easily navigation trough the environment.

The other source says that Tesla bought a single box, which starts at a minimum capacity of 2 petabytes of data and cost on average $1 million USD. The system is being marketed for applications in need of top reliability, like fleet-learning systems, and it features triple-redundant power and data paths, as well as triple redundant hardware. Until the time this article is published, Tesla still didn’t make any statement to confirm or deny the investment in the new system.

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