Tesla Autopilot update detecting stop signs, but still not acting on them

Several days after releasing first phase of Tesla’s ‘’Enhanced Autopilot’’, picture of the dashboard with the stop sign on it is sharing on the forums and Facebook. New update of the hardware is available in the first 1000 cars of Model S. Tesla confirmed that system still do not act on the stop signs. It shouldn’t be in the latest version available, but if owners can see that the Autopilot detects stop signs, they shouldn’t try to let the system stop for them.

Company is warning that it is planned the new updates releasing in every few months and some of these features are still not for use. The latest Autopilot hardware software can detect and act on intersections with stop signs, but the feature is still only part of the development program and not intended for the ‘Enhanced Autopilot’.

The second generation Autopilot is able to recognize any road sign and traffic lights, but the current version is intended for use on highways and in traffic, not to handle intersections. The first phase of ‘Enhanced Autopilot’ is going to be incorporate into more cars in next days but the drivers need to be aware that the stop signs will not be displayed on the instrument panel. As we wrote yesterday Autopilot currently contains features like Traffic Aware Cruise Control feature, Forward Collision Warning, and Auto-steer, only enabled at “low-speed” as a beta system.

Lawsuit against Tesla after Model X crush

After Ji Chang Son crushed into his living room with Model X last week, he is claiming the car for accelerated autonomous acceleration.

The company took over the data logs from the car. After checking it the stated that it was shown the driver have pressed the accelerator pedal to 100% during the accident. Fortunately, there were no injured in the accident and only material damage was caused.

Son have filed the suit against the company because as he claims Tesla refuses to show him the logs and to prove that the accelerator was pressed. On the other side, Electrek reported that they got the confirmation form their source that company did provide the data to Son. An investigation shows that the accelerator pedal was floored.

Development of the situation we will follow on the Court.


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