Take a look at the Top 3 best electric skateboards

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“Humanity is living in the golden age of rideable technology right now”

Over the past few years, electric motors have become smaller and more powerful, while batteries have become more power dense and accessible — two trends that have coalesced and kicked off a renaissance in personal transportation devices. We represent you Top 3 electric skateboards:

 Boosted 2 Dual+: 

  • Boosted’s flagship board offers one of the smoothest, most polished riding experiences in the biz
  • For beginners and pros
  • $1,500


In addition to Boosted’s fantastic handheld throttle mechanism, the board’s motors are exquisitely well-tuned. On most boards, you’ll experience a bit of a jarring effect when you hit the throttle or brakes, no matter how hard or soft you try to accelerate. More often than not, the average board will speed up too quickly for your muscles to adjust, thereby throwing you off balance — but there is no such effect with the Boosted 2 Dual+.

One Wheel+

One Wheel+ simply shifting your weight allows you to propel forward or back, and because of the ruggedness of the central tire. Also you can forge your own path just as easily on grass-lined hills as on sidewalks. The board’s 7-mile range and top speed of 15 mph merely comes second to the software, given the latter lets you to adjust how the sensors, gyros, and motor work in tangent with one another.

Boardsports California

  • The Onewheel+ is one of the most enjoyable electric board
  • **** If you are looking for something different in a market
  •  $1,500

ZBoard 2 Blue

ZBoard has self-explanatory system that makes use of 1,000W motor and 16-mile range, along with integrated front and rear lighting designed to keep you visible and shed light where you need it most. It’s a bit heavier at 17 pounds, but the built-in handles make it easy to lug around when you’re not cruising.


  • Easy to ride, doesn’t require a controller, and has a functional kicktail
  • If you looking to use board as a reliable and comfortable means of daily transportation
  • $1,300

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