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Exclusive Test Drive video from China – Tesla model 3 on it’s way

There is no doubt about Tesla Model 3’s presence in China, anymore... The first shipment of Tesla Model 3 sedans are making their way across the ocean to Europe and China. Sure, there were some early sightings of the car in both locations. However, now we can be assure that the car is beginning to

Subaru Crosstrek hybrid test drive (VIDEO)

The plug-in hybrid version of Subaru‘s third most popular model could be intriguing for those interested in improving efficiency during the daily commute, while maintaining all-wheel-drive capability for off-road driving on the weekend. The PHEV is one second quicker than the conventional version (0-60 mph in around 9 seconds), but the battery pack supplied by Toyota

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Report: BMW 6-Series GT to feature M650i M Performance model

Sexier and more refined model, will replace BMW’s 5-Series Gran Turismo. That model  is widely expected to be badged a 6-Series. Back up for this is the observating of a prototype. Prototype has a window on its sticker picturing it as a 630d xDrive. says that there are some plans for more powerful versions, and they involve

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