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Elon Musk predicts that in next 10 years almost all new cars will be capable of self-driving

Future is already here, and before we know it, roads will be full with completely autonomous driving cars. World Government Summit in Dubai today have visited CEO of Tesla Motors Elon Musk, and he just talked about it. This year company plans is to have its level 4 autonomous driving system realized. According to Musk,

Faraday Future building auto assembly plant in North Las Vegas, but smaller that originally planed

Faraday Future will build auto assembly plant in North Las Vegas, but smaller that originally planed. Electric luxury car startup Faraday Future, one of several Chinese-funded companies is downsizing plans to build vehicles in the United States, according to the company and public officials. Faraday, an affiliate of Beijing-based Leshi Internet Information and Technology Corp.,

Elon Musk asking new carbon emission tax from Trumps administration

On a Monday meeting of business executives and President Donald Trump, CEO of Tesla Motors Elon Musk raised the question of tax on carbon emissions. Namely, he’s pressuring The White House to adopt this tariff. A senior White House official said Musk floated the idea of a carbon tax at the meeting but got little

Tesla continues fight for direct retail business model

Despite its short life, Tesla Motors was more or less successful with its business model of avoiding the franchised dealers and selling directly to consumers. How ever, as it seams according to the last development of the situation, this way is no more secure for Tesla and for other startups. In fact, the next company

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