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Cadillac will kill ATS sedan after 2018 model year

General Motors will discontinue the Cadillac ATS sedan after the 2018 model year, just six years after introducing the small car as a worthy rival to the strongest German competitors. A Cadillac spokesman said the luxury brand plans to replace the compact ATS, midsize CTS and large XTS sedans with two new sedans, though it's unclear when the new models will be launched. Beginning

Citroen is filling C6 void with new flagship sedan

Citroen C6 is one of the coolest looking full-size sedans, still. We aren't talking about that recent badge job catering to the Chinese market. We mean the Jean-Pierre Ploué-designed C6 launched in 2005. You can still feel presence seeing it today. There's been huge hole in Citroen's lineup since the C6 has left production in 2012. That

Mercedes’s new A-Class sedan is finally ready for the US market

With the newest redesign of its entry-level vehicle family that is coming to market i next year, Mercedes-Benz finally has an A class suited for U.S. consumers, says the brand's global sales chief, Britta Seeger.Mercedes will offer the A class in a sedan body style for the first time. That is the variant slated to go on sale in

2018 Subaru Legacy on the first look

Not much time before it makes it shows up officialy at the 2017 Chicago Auto Show, Subaru took the refreshed Legacy's sedan covers off. For 2018, the midsize sedan has an update on front fascia and rear bumper, along with a massaged interior. If you don't see the differences between the new Legacy and the old model, we

New generation Ford Fiesta subcompact sedan coming in 2018

New generation of the Ford Fiesta subcompact sedan will be presented in Germany next Tuesday. Ford Motor Co. also planning to present update of its smart mobility strategy. As Ford marketed Smart Mobility is about finding new ways to get around, and it will be interested to see what will be the updates of new

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New 2017 Subaru Impreza (and WRX) is coming in hatchback and sedan form

Talking about some successful period: Since 2011, Subaru has scored sales raises every year. It’s likely between the few producers that are able to make that demand. The trend is going on this year, with sales raises for 4.2 percent. The only thing that could slow Subaru’s success is tight supply. By the end of  2016. the company plans to amplify production

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The 2017 Bentley Flying Spur W12 S is the company’s first sedan to break 200 miles per hour

Bentley is known for fast making cars with no doubts. But it's surprising that not any of its sedans ever went over the 200 mile-per-hour top speed. Even with ridiculous twin-turbo W12 engines from Volkswagen or the remarkable 6.75-liter V8s from Bentley's classic years is the same case. But revealing the latest 2017 Bentley Flying

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