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2022 Land Rover Defender Convertible Looks Surreal

Niels van Roij Design and Heritage Customs’ latest project was announced by the “carchitecture” firm born in The Netherlands earlier this month. But it was only until the former also made waves on social media that we finally caught wind of the interesting creation. It is based on their real-world Heritage Customs Valiance transformation of

Road Rover trademark will have new model?

Land Rover has applied for the Road Rover trademark, signaling its intention to likely field a long-rumored model line still shrouded in secrecy. The best information at the moment suggests it will be a premium model featuring an electric powertrain. It will bridge the gap between Land Rover's SUVs/crossovers and its passenger cars. This prospective model, one of several

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Land Rover Discovery believes in price raise in 2018

  Land Rover’s fifth-generation Discovery arrived on the scene earlier this year as a 2017 model. The vehicle replaced the LR4 and introduced a radical new look as well as new levels of refinement and technology. The starting price for the 2018 Discovery comes in at $53,085 Now entering its second year of production, Land Rover continues

Land Rover has plans for a new ‘Road Rover’ line of luxury EVs?

Seems that Land Rover will be using something new for the Chinese and North American markets. In the next few years British producer will present an electric car sub-brand dubbed Road Rover. Car will be presented at the 2019 Los Angeles Auto Show. Land Rover Road Rover and luxe-sedans like the Mercedes-Benz S-Class and the BMW 7-Series will compete. Land Rover

Mars Rover concept will be revealed at Kennedy Space Center for new exhibit

NASA’s new conceptual Mars Rover stands ready to greet visitors at the Kennedy Space Center looking like a mashup of the Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird and the Dark Knight’s Tumbler Batmobile. It’s a far cry from the manned lunar rover that explored the moon in the early 1970s. An electric motor powers the rover and draws its

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Jaguar Land Rover making team with LISNR to control cars with sound

Jaguar Land Rover Tech Incubator making team with LISNR, a company that develops technology for data transmission through sound. They want to change the way cars interact with their owners and the surrounding world. LISNR uses thing named “Smart Tones,” or sounds outside the range of human hearing, to send data between devices. If a car has

Spy shots of 2020 Land Rover Range Rover Evoque

Land Rover risked with the Range Rover Evoque in that the car avoided serious off-roading capability just of design and luxury. That risk paid of as the Evoque has appealed  lot of buyers that wouldn’t have considered one of the British marque’s cars before. It’s hard to believe the Evoque has been on sale since 2012, as

Land Rover shows off 2017 Discovery with record- breaking Lego build

Land Rover is pretty much excited to represent its new 2017 Discovery. It's so excited that it took out all the stops for the global show off of the new seven-passenger sport utility car. Bear Grylls was approached by British equestrian rider Zara Philips and the whole Land Rover BAR sailing team. Land Rover buil

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Sterling: The time Honda and Rover joined forces to invade U.S.

A scholarly examination of what went wrong for one of these automakers This week's news of the U.K.-built Honda Civic hatchback making its way to the U.S. has rekindled warm and fuzzy memories of the last time British-built Honda tech made its way to our welcoming shores. That's right; we're talking about Sterling and the

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