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Model 3 exact revealing date still under the mist

Even though the information circling around, it is not still officially know when the final reveal of Model 3 could. According to last prediction of Elon Musk it can come after production in July, when they open online configurator. According to previous Musk’s announcements, final reveal also known as “Part 3”, was previously expected for

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‘Enhanced Autopilot’ update in whole Tesla fleet with one week delay

Tesla Co. started incorporate ’’Enhanced Autopilot’’ update to the whole fleet of vehicles with the second generation of Autopilot hardware. This started on Monday morning, and it was one week later than it was previously announced. As CEO Elon Musk said, the update will operate in shadow mode. He confirmed on social networks early at

Tesla crossed the mark 100,000 vehicles delivery in the U.S.

In the first working week of the year 2017 Tesla delivered total 22,200 vehicles. 12,700 were Model S and 9,500 Model X. Tesla has delivered over 183,000 Model S and X vehicles over the last 4 years. Tesla revealed that the sales in the last quarter of 2016 was lower than it was planned. However

Tesla Autopilot update detecting stop signs, but still not acting on them

Several days after releasing first phase of Tesla’s ‘’Enhanced Autopilot’’, picture of the dashboard with the stop sign on it is sharing on the forums and Facebook. New update of the hardware is available in the first 1000 cars of Model S. Tesla confirmed that system still do not act on the stop signs. It

Tesla’s Model X, with new storage space of 88 cubic feet becoming best-in-class SUV cargo

After several weeks of expecting and getting new information from Tesla, the avalanche of new feeds does not slowing down. According to the newest, Tesla is finally ready to introduce its 5-seat configuration. Model X SUVs with 6 and 7 seat configurations are delivered in a few thousands, and now company confirmed it will come

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Level 5 autopilot hardware in all Tesla models

Tesla started production of the vehicles which with hardware for full autonomous driving, and starting today all models will be delivered with it. As Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla said, new autopilot will be capable for level five autonomy operations, while current is on level two. New equipment, named Autopilot hardware 2, using eight surround

Another Tesla crash investigated for Autopilot use, in Pennsylvania on July 1.

Non-fatal crash on Pennsylvania Turnpike left electric SUV upside down in the road The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is investigating a Tesla Model X crash that took place on the Pennsylvania Turnpike on July 1. The Pennsylvania state police disclosed that the Model X hit a turnpike guardrail and then veered across several lanes

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