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Dodge Demon Disclaimer slower then Tesla Model S?!

Dodge Demon Challenger stands no chance in a race against the Tesla Model S P100D. Moreover in advertisement, Dodge openly admits to the fact that the Demon is outdone by electric cars. This is rather hilarious. Dodge promoting their Challenger as the fastest 0-100 mph production car in the world but the small letters read "excluding

Tesla offers shares to raise the cash needed for further development

Tesla will offer $250 million in shares and $750 million in convertible debt, in order to continue its development form a niche player to a high-volume automaker. Its action can go up to $1.15 billion which will be used for strengthening its balance sheet. Tesla said in a statement: "further reduce any risks associated with

Electric and hybrid models at Geneva international motor show

Porsche presented its luxury Panamera S aerodynamic, developing speed up to 167mph. Above all, model on display in Geneva is able to travel for about 20 miles only on battery power. It’s a fast, powerful and extremely economical hybrid. Electric motor is placed near to the 3-litre petrol engine, and according to the producer claims

Model 3 exact revealing date still under the mist

Even though the information circling around, it is not still officially know when the final reveal of Model 3 could. According to last prediction of Elon Musk it can come after production in July, when they open online configurator. According to previous Musk’s announcements, final reveal also known as “Part 3”, was previously expected for

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Number of companies opposing Presidents Trumps decisions is rising – Tesla joined the group

More than 120 technology companies has join oppose of President Donald Trump’s immigration ban. One of them is Tesla who join the action today. Companies have filed a legal brief against Trump’s executive order that denies immigrants from seven Muslim-majority countries entry to the U.S. Tesla. The claim was submitted to the U.S. Court of

‘Enhanced Autopilot’ update in whole Tesla fleet with one week delay

Tesla Co. started incorporate ’’Enhanced Autopilot’’ update to the whole fleet of vehicles with the second generation of Autopilot hardware. This started on Monday morning, and it was one week later than it was previously announced. As CEO Elon Musk said, the update will operate in shadow mode. He confirmed on social networks early at

Tesla crossed the mark 100,000 vehicles delivery in the U.S.

In the first working week of the year 2017 Tesla delivered total 22,200 vehicles. 12,700 were Model S and 9,500 Model X. Tesla has delivered over 183,000 Model S and X vehicles over the last 4 years. Tesla revealed that the sales in the last quarter of 2016 was lower than it was planned. However

Tesla Autopilot update detecting stop signs, but still not acting on them

Several days after releasing first phase of Tesla’s ‘’Enhanced Autopilot’’, picture of the dashboard with the stop sign on it is sharing on the forums and Facebook. New update of the hardware is available in the first 1000 cars of Model S. Tesla confirmed that system still do not act on the stop signs. It

Tesla ‘Enhanced Autopilot’ updates introduced trough the release note

Last days of the 2016 Tesla released the Autopilot update for new cars for work in ‘’Tesla Vision’’. Update was announced only for the first 1000 cars in its fleet.  Among the new features are the Autopilot’s Traffic Aware Cruise Control, Forward Collision Warning, and Auto-steer. Automaker ensured that it can only be enabled at

Tesla won the Consumer Reports’ survey of owners satisfaction leaving Porsche and Audi behind

According to the Consumer Reports’ Annual Owner Satisfaction Survey, more that 90% of owners of Tesla cars would buy the vehicle of the same producer again. This ratio puts the Silicon valley producer on the first place in front of the second rated Porsche with 84% and third placed Audi with 77%. The survey that

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