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Jeep sub-Renegade SUV on sale not just in US

Jeep is investigating adding an SUV positioned below its compact Renegade, the SUV brand's CEO Mike Manley revealed in an interview published this week. Jeep sub-Renegade SUV onwill not be on sale just in United States. He said Jeep was looking “very closely” at the vehicle, which if built would be off-limits for the United States

2019 Jeep Cherokee shows a little preview before Detroit auto show

Six model years after the controversial, squinty redesign of the Jeep Cherokee, the successful midsize Jeep is getting an exterior makeover. Jeep released a few photos of the 2019 Cherokee ahead of its Detroit auto show debut, and lo and behold, the bizarre stacked-headlight design is gone. In its place is a more traditional setup without the thin

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Mopar presents modified Jeep Wranglers in L.A.

To demonstrate the breadth of its available accessories, Mopar unveiled two modified Wranglers at the Los Angeles Auto Show this week. Considering that 98 percent of JeepWranglers are typically fitted with at least one Mopar accessory, we’ll be seeing a lot of these features on new-generation Wranglers. First off, Mopar modified a four-door Wrangler Rubicon. This model has rock rails

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This Dodge Challenger makes Jeep Wrangler ridiculus

You’ll see a couple of Chevrolet Blazers, Ford pickups and a fleet of Jeep Wranglers, if you hit your local off-road trail. E-Body Dodge Challengers, maybe not, but this ’72 Challenger is the exception. E-body is welded to an M1009 Military frame and chassis Making a suspension for Challenger that can handle off-road abuse without spending a tone of money on custom

2018 Jeep Cherokee getting a new look?

If you're a lover of driving dynamics of the last Jeep Cherokee but you're not a huge fan of its exterior design, just wait a few months: The Cherokee is bringing a lot different styling to the front and rear fascias. Prototypes of the remade SUV have already been saw testing. We're expecting to see bigger, chiseled headlights placed on the front,

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018 Jeep Wrangler spied again before official reveal

Camouflaged prototypes of the 2018 Jeep Wrangler have been seen again. These prototypes have released a bit of the camo since the last time they've been seen. They show more of their midsection and doors while wearing off-road tires over black-painted wheels. The newest shots, by Joe Bevelhimer, show more of the cargo compartment's side windows.

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