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New Hyundai Santa Fe is finally here

The new Hyundai Santa Fe will borrow some of its styling from its Kona crossover such as the ultra-thin headlights, a similar style line on its side and a similar lower front grille. The Santa Fe’s grille looks like what you might find on an Infiniti dealership instead of the familiar grille we’ve come to know from Hyundai. That

2019 Honda debuting at 2018 Detroit auto show

Honda will use next month’s 2018 North American International Auto Show in Detroit to present its 2019 Insight. Though officially a prototype, the version we’ll be treated with shows the final design direction Honda is taking with its new Insight. Crucially, it shows that the revived hybrid nameplate is adopting its third body style in

How does it look like perfect 2018 Honda Accord?

At the start of our latest comparison test between the Toyota Camry and the new Honda Accord, we expected the two to be fairly evenly matched. After all, the redesigned Camry seriously impressed us in our First Drive. But driven back to back, it quickly became clear that the Accord was the far superior midsize sedan, even against the

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If you hate dealerships Hyundai Shopper Assurance wants to make it easier

Everyone loves getting a new car, but only lifelong hagglers and gluttons for punishment like the actual act of purchasing one from a car dealership. Hyundai is taking a page out of Saturn’s dusty playbook with its new Shopper Assurance program, beginning today in select cities, that brings customers transparent pricing, flexible test drives, streamlined purchasing and

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Honda Sport EV concept will be unveiled in Tokyo

Honda aims to electrify at next month's Tokyo auto show with a new all-electric sporty concept car based on the same platform as the compact urban EV unveiled at the Frankfurt show. A teaser photo of the Sports EV Concept shows a rear-slung performance silhouette with rounded rear fenders and a long hood evocative of the now-retired Honda

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Production of 2018 Honda Accord is begining

The 2018 Honda Accord today started huge production at the Marysville Auto Plant in Ohio. Revamped midsize sedan is expected to go on sale next month, with hybrid models that are coming in the winter. Honda invested $267 million in its Ohio plant As support to production of the new Accord, Honda invested $267 million in its Ohio plant. Honda has gave $220 million

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The Honda Urban EV is the surprise retro electro-Civic Honda should make

Looking to get in step with other automakers' electrification aspirations, Honda is showing off its Urban EV Concept at the 2017 Frankfurt motor show. Taking obvious inspiration from the Honda Civic’s early days, the Urban EV Concept would look as much at home on the side of a street as it would at your local cars and coffee.

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2018 Honda Clarity plug-in hybrid has 47-mile electric range

At the New York Auto Show earlier this year, Honda said the plug-in hybrid version of the Clarity would get a 42-mile electric range. But as it turns out, that wasn’t entirely accurate. The production 2018 Honda Clarity plug-in can actually travel 5 extra miles on battery power alone. Clarity Plug-In Hybrid earned an official electric range of 47 miles Honda announced

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EVS force Hyundai to move focus from fuel cells

For many years, Hyundai has been proponening a hydrogen fuel cells. Considering it just presented a new hydrogen-powered SUV, it’s clearly still interested in the technology. But the popularity of battery electric cars has forced the Korean producer to change the appearance at the future of cars. Hyundai says EVs are now central to its product strategy They're planning

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We expect a third Genesis SUV to be available in 2021

Many years Hyundai was telling that it has no plans to a separate brand and break its Genesis lineup. But the way the Korean automaker tells the story, its Genesis sedan got so popular, a separate brand became necessary. Currently, the fledgling luxury brand only sells two cars: the midsize G80 and the full-size G90. Soon, it’ll get a compact 3 Series competitor

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