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France think wise – 25,000 charging stations

The number of AC charging points is relatively high in France The number of charging stations in France increased to roughly 25,000 at over 10,000 places. The precise number as of the end of November was 24,780. The number increased by 24% compared to September 2017, despite the close of thousands of Autolib stations. Comparing the number of EVs in

British electric Taxi gets approved for use in France

The new electric London taxi can now work on the busy streets of Paris. French regulators finnaly approved it for use in the city. Manufactured in Coventry by the London Electric Vehicle Company, the TX eCity is marketed as “the world’s most advanced electric taxi”. It combines an electric motor with a small petrol engine ‘range extender’.

Purchase of electric cars in France is slightly up

The French plug-in electric car market is not like many other major markets like Germany, Norway or the U.S. The growth rate in France is rather slow and low. In May, some3,558 new plug-in cars were registered, which is 12% more than a year ago. Renault ZOEis the most purchasable EV in France but with 1,085, however this year

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