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SUPERCAR Report: Ford GT attempts top speed run on 2.7 mile track

Ford's quoted top speed for the Ford GT supercar is 216 miles per hour. Just how close can you get to that speed in the real world under normal conditions? Johnny Bohmer Proving Grounds posted this video on their YouTube channel so that we could find out. The proving grounds in question, at least what

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Ford GT architect Raj Nair is landing at Multimatic Motorsports

In case you were worried, ex-Ford North America president Raj Nair will be all right after being unceremoniously ousted from the Blue Oval in February. The father of the new Ford GT landed at the company that actually builds it: Multimatic Motorsports in Ontario, Canada. Nair was appointed president and chief operating officer on May

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Ford GT designer Camilo Pardo talks about his personalized GT (video)

The new Ford GT is maybe be the star at the moment, but that hasn’t reduced our love for the previous model of Ford GT from 2005. The team at Petrolicious has presented a new movie based on the chief designer of the first-gen GT supercar, Camilo Pardo. Pardo is an artist and designer by trade. He was lucky enough to start working

The Ford GT competition series is your supercar

Ford will be offering its supercar in a Competition Series. It worked very hard to make the already race-proven Ford GT even more track-ready. The additional Ford GT trim should make it more convenient for people who are “hardcore track enthusiasts.” The changes to the GT include  Perspex acrylic engine hatch cover with a manual latch and carbon fiber prop

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