More Cheating Emissions of Software are Found in Gas and Diesel-Powered Audis

Volkswagen's emissions-cheating period ended last year even it didn't look like it will have an end at all. The California Air Resources Board (CARB)  allegedly discovered a new cheat with emissions in various Audi cars. That cars used hidden transmission programming to artificially drop carbon dioxide emissions when the cars were taking lab testing. CARB's discovery

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VW Investors preparing lawsuits in Germany

Investors of the German car producer Volkswagen, are preparing to submit the lawsuits in a court, due to the emissions scandal last year. Court in Brunswick was forced to engage extra stuff in order to meet the influx, expected for 19th of September, first business day after the one year since the group confess the

Investigations into cheating emissions and noise-level tests are still underway

The Volkswagen emissions scandal takes another turn as South Korean officers arrested an executive as part of investigations into the automaker. The prosecutors are looking into whether VW violated the country’s environmental laws after admitting to cheating U.S. emissions tests. The arrest comes after Seoul prosecutors found that VW manipulated not only emissions tests, but

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