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Cost of rapid charging an electric vehicle up 21%

Charging an electric car on a pay-as-you-go, non-subscription basis at a rapid charger has increased by 21% since September, new research suggests. Analysis by the RAC’s new Charge Watch initiative and the FairCharge campaign shows that the per kilowatt hour (kWh) price has risen by 7.81p, from 36.74p to 44.55p. It means that the average

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The Top 5 Selling All-Electric Cars in September, China market

According to ADC (Automotive Data Center), a data analysis subsidiary of CATARC (China Automotive Technology and Research Center), the top 5 best-selling car models with a fully electrified drivetrain in China in September 2020. Wuling Hongguang Mini EV---SGMW (SAIC-GM-Wuling)---14,733 Wuling Hongguang Mini EV Tesla Model 3---Tesla Shanghai---10,909 Tesla Model 3 Performance in

World’s first zero emissions car summit will be in UK

Convention will be at Birmingham’s International Convention Centre. Birmingham is set to hold the world’s first zero-emission vehicle summit as governments come together to fight to improve global air quality. The convention will bring policy makers and industry experts together. The announcement is part of the UK government’s so-called ‘mission’. In order to put the

Tesla misses Model 3 production target of 2,500 vehicles a week

The world's most closely watched electric producer is known for its talent to generate suspense. Producer's most closely watched car continues to be the Model 3, which was treated as a make-or-break model for Tesla even before production began less than a year ago. The Model 3 is Tesla's most affordable car and its first

In Michigan wont be deliver for Tesla Model 3 buyers, lawsuit grinds on

An ongoing lawsuit continues to complicate life for potential buyers of the Tesla Model 3, and the automaker's other electric cars, who live in Michigan. Tesla and the state remain locked in a legal battle over the state's franchise law, which requires automakers to sell vehicles only via an independently owned and franchised dealership. The

EV Charging Experience – Only Tesla Has Do It Right

If you drive an electric car for your everyday get-around-needs, then plugging in and charging up is a necessary part of your daily ritual. This means the experience you have while charging is an important part of your EV ownership satisfaction. When and where you charge, how long it takes, and the amenities available to you, while you

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Tesla offers shares to raise the cash needed for further development

Tesla will offer $250 million in shares and $750 million in convertible debt, in order to continue its development form a niche player to a high-volume automaker. Its action can go up to $1.15 billion which will be used for strengthening its balance sheet. Tesla said in a statement: "further reduce any risks associated with

Volkswagen abandoning diesel in future U.S. business

Different stories was launched from the headquarters of Volkswagen regarding the Diesel vehicles, last couple of months. At the Paris Auto Show in September, CEO of VW said that the producer is reconsidering to offer diesel models to the U.S. market. Last week the CEO of Volkswagen Group of America, Hinrich Woebcken, told reporters: "Emissions

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How BHP Billiton expecting development from electric vehicles market?

World’s largest mining company, Anglo-Australian BHP Billiton, has great expectation from the electric vehicles market. Mining giant is optimistic that the demand of some if its products will be rapidly expanded with highest demand of electric vehicles in the worldwide market, and connected with that, other technologies using renewable energies. BHP Billiton was created in

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New vision Mercedes Maybach 6- completely electric coupe

New modern luxury Mercedes Maybach model is real representative of the new concept car. Besides modern design, doors are opening upward; this large coupe is completely electric, which gives new dimension to it. As it was unveiled on the Monterrey Car Week couple of days ago, it is possibly likely that Mercedes will start with

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