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“FF 91”, first Faraday Future car was revealed today

“FF 91”, first Faraday Future car was revealed today, and during the livestream, how the presentation was organized, we could see all the specifications. Although it is not still sure what the number 91 in the name of the car means, the specifications revealed on presentation are more than impressive. Car will have battery from

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Volkswagen hopes it will hit the market, by the end of this decade, with a concept electric car. The Volkswagen I.D. will debut at the Paris Motor Show this week, representing a new electric drive system and autonomous features. Details aren’t released yet, but we know the compact car are offering and electric motor that

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Tesla driver killed in Autopilot crash has become the first in U.S.

The driver TESLa vehicle that boasted its model Tesla Model S sedan that he nicknamed the car "Tessy" and praised autopilot , was killed in a car accident the safety benefits of its sophisticated Autopilot system has become the first U.S. fatality in a wreck involving a car in self-driving mode. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

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Convenience Stores and Fast Food Restaurants are Tesla Next Frontier

Eager to find locations to expand its U.S. recharging network, Tesla Motors is busy seeking new partners, with fast food, gas stations and convenience stores being top of mind. One of the chains Tesla is attempting to seduce is the jack-of-all-trades Sheetz, according to the Washington Post. With hundreds of locations in the mid-Atlantic region,

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