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China comes with Hengchi – H1 large sedan, their first models during 2021

Recently, it was said that China received another car brand that will deal with the production of electric vehicles - Hengchi. As a reminder, Hengchi plans to become a significant player in the electric vehicle market by 2025, with the announcement that their first models on the Chinese market are expected during 2021. Hengchi

The Indian government has given a brand new sensitive to comfortable 1,000 electric vehicles.

The Indian government has given a brand new sensitive to comfortable 1,000 electric vehicles. this is the main such delicate in about years. Nexon EV vitality performance services restrained (EESL) is hoping to at ease 1,000 electric motors with scope of at any rate one hundred eighty kilometers for every fee. The agency, which gave

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Electric vehicles are more common in mining industry

Why are the electric vehicles perfect for mining industry ? Oh, we just answered - because they are emmision free. It’s so hard to get rid of emission produced by a diesel engine underground. Additionally, going electric decreases the danger of explosion. So it's safe, healthy and better. Recently, Emsbürener Hermann Paus Maschinenfabrik GmbH together with

Another electric to join the fray at CES 2018 – Kia Niro EV concept

The Kia Niro is already on sale in standard hybrid and plug-in hybrid forms but it will take the stage as a full EV at CES 2018. Kia will preview a Niro EV concept at the show next week, and it's showing us these teaser photos in the meantime. We can see a new face/lighting scheme is being applied to the concept; this

Nissan lays out plans for electrified, fatality-free future

Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn talked at CES 2017 and reveled the Nissan future as well as general automotive frame. Company intentions are to go into direction of zero emissions and zero fatalities, which including testing of vehicles with autonomous driving in Japan, pointing out upcoming Nissan Leaf. Important part of the Nissan future is also

Ford canceled investment in Mexico, and instead opening new jobs in Michigan

Ford has canceled a $1.6 billion investment in the new factory in Mexico. Company would instead open 700 new jobs in Michigan. Speaking about the reasons for this shift, CEO Mark Fields, told in an interview for CNN that they showing the commitment to the electric vehicles, as they confirm seven of thirteen vehicles this

Chevrolet Bolt becoming GM’s main model for both, electric vehicles and self-driving technology

The excitement about the new Michigan set of bills that allows testing of the autonomous driving vehicles on the public roads and production, is still not subsiding. General Motors announced last week that AV testing will start in couple of months, making in that way Chevrolet Bolt the main model for both electric vehicle and

Toyota hybrid technology development continues

Toyota continues to enfold the development of its hybrid technology. As announced on Tuesday, acceleration of researches will be undertaken in next 5 years in order to bring forward the production of engines with lower emission. Leading car producer is keen meet global emission standards and regulation becoming stricter every year. Regulators all over the

Japanese automakers turning towards the production of Electric Vehicles

Japanese automakers, very cold to the electric vehicles in the past, started to talk about production of this type of cars in near future. Beside increasingly demanding emissions control and stronger fuel economy regulations around the world, it seems that Japanese industry's started to accept the fact the in near future buyers will be more

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Toyota planning production of electric vehicles

Toyota Motor Corporation was not one of the producers who planned production of Electric Vehicles. However, information published from various sources says that world’s biggest automaker is planning to start EV production. According to the Japanese newspaper Nikkei, producer Toyota will start production of long-range EVs by 2020. Tem for this task will be seat

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