This Dodge Challenger makes Jeep Wrangler ridiculus

You’ll see a couple of Chevrolet Blazers, Ford pickups and a fleet of Jeep Wranglers, if you hit your local off-road trail. E-Body Dodge Challengers, maybe not, but this ’72 Challenger is the exception. E-body is welded to an M1009 Military frame and chassis Making a suspension for Challenger that can handle off-road abuse without spending a tone of money on custom

Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat caught with Demon power

A Dodge engineer has been caught with a Challenger SRT Hellcatpacking the powertrain of the Demon. The test vehicle has the standard Hellcat body and not the wide-body design of Demon which Dodge is offering customers to choose for Hellcat. It has Demon’s huge hood scoop.Named the Air Grabber, its 45 square inches of intake makes it

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