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Volkswagen is building a convertible crossover

Chasing trends is the thing that producers love to do. So even the Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet sales never really took off, Land Rover is now selling its Range Rover Evoque Convertible. Volkswagen announced that it has plans of making its own convertible crossover coupe similar to the new T-Roc. It will probably be on sale by half of 2020. The sketch shown

Faraday Future building auto assembly plant in North Las Vegas, but smaller that originally planed

Faraday Future will build auto assembly plant in North Las Vegas, but smaller that originally planed. Electric luxury car startup Faraday Future, one of several Chinese-funded companies is downsizing plans to build vehicles in the United States, according to the company and public officials. Faraday, an affiliate of Beijing-based Leshi Internet Information and Technology Corp.,

Renault & Nissan on the join EV platform

Renault and Nissan will build the electric vehicles on a new common platform, which is the result of the CEO Carlos Ghosn to make the alliance to amplify the join work in their strategic management unit and to enlarge economy range. What is known for now is that Renault’s Zoe and Nissan’s Leaf are going

2017 another record year for Audi in U.S.

Year 2016 was record year for sales of Audi high class cars in the US. Officials of the luxury brand expects that next, 2017 will be another record year, since its best selling product includes the first major redesign President of Audi America, Scott Keogh is sure that Audi is well-positioned to backroll on the

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Mazda CX-3 rides the crossover sales wave

Are there too many crossovers ? Doesn’t look like it, that's sure. Customers continue to shout for practicality and something nearly affordable, avoiding to purchase a minivan. Its unavoidable that the crossover pie gets sliced thinner and thinner. It has bew part sizes that seems like are coming every day. The CX-3 runs on Mazda’s B-segment platform There

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Lincoln Aviator to Fly Again as Three-Row Crossover

Back before Lincoln confused everyone with its ludicrous, MK-whatever naming scheme, it sold an SUV called the Aviator. The Aviator nameplate sounded cool, it seemed appropriate for a vehicle that was junior to the high-profile Navigator, and it was affixed to what was effectively a gussied-up Ford Explorer. Although the Aviator was more convincingly gussied-up

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Toyota C-HR crossover’s interior on new level

Toyota C-HR – First Reveal of New Crossover's Sophisticated Interior Design 'The C-HR gives Toyota a powerful new presence in the growing C crossover segment. It is intended to spearhead a new movement within its segment -to create a new frontier. That's why we decided it had to be unique: with its own personality, full

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