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VW’s Oliver Schmidt to stay in prison until his trials began at the beginning of the next year

Oliver Schmidt, the Volkswagen executive was imprisoned this January while he was on his vacation in Florida. He have tried to go back to Germany but U.S. authorities incarcerated him, and last week federal court decided that he will stay in prison until his trials began at the beginning of the next year. He is

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Volkswagen cutting costs this year

VW is facing challenging year amid cost cuts. Volkswagen brand Chief Herbert Diess said 2017 would be a good but strenuous year as the automaker grapples with putting in place a turnaround plan. "Above all we must implement the future pact swiftly and consistently," Diess said in an emailed statement published earlier this week. Separately,

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U.S. officials gathering evidence against VW executives

Representatives of the US authorities are in Germany in order to try to solve the crisis with the Volkswagen pollution scam.  According to the well informed , several executive managers of Volkswagen Group have engaged criminal defense lawyers, since the Justice Department is setting up the meetings for potential charges in the case of the

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More Cheating Emissions of Software are Found in Gas and Diesel-Powered Audis

Volkswagen's emissions-cheating period ended last year even it didn't look like it will have an end at all. The California Air Resources Board (CARB)  allegedly discovered a new cheat with emissions in various Audi cars. That cars used hidden transmission programming to artificially drop carbon dioxide emissions when the cars were taking lab testing. CARB's discovery

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