Porsche is going back to its roots with the new Carrera 911 T. The T stands for “touring,” and the new model will be the lightest in the 911 range, weighing just 3,142 pounds. The T takes inspiration from a Carrera of the same name first produced back in 1968.

The T comes standard with a manual transmission, shorter constant transaxle ratio, mechanical rear differential and the PASM sport suspension, lower ride height and a short shifter. Rear axle steering is available, but not standard.

Hardcore model has lightweight glass, door pulls instead of handles

It’s based on the Carrera coupe, meaning a 370-hp, 339-lb-ft 3.0-liter twin-turbocharged boxer-six, good for a 0-60 time of 4.3 seconds. With the optional PDK, it drops to four seconds flat. Top speed is 180 mph.

Keeping with the weight savings, Porsche uses lightweight glass for the rear and side windows, as well as door opener loops as opposed to handles. That probably saves a few ounces, but every one counts!

 The T comes with a front spoiler lip included with PASM, SportDesign exterior mirrors in gray, 20-inch Carrera S wheels and a standard sport exhaust. Paint options include lava orange, black, guards red, racing yellow, white and Miami blue.

Inside, the purity continues with four-way adjustable seats, though with the optional full buckets the back seats are deleted. The shorter gear lever is embossed with red, which is only available on the T.

The 2018 911 Carrera T can be ordered now and will get to dealers by March 2018. Stuttgart’s newest will set you back $103,150, including destination.