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Drag race Mercedes-AMG E 63 S with BMW M5

Among the hottest drag strip superstars of this year are the Mercedes-AMG E 63 S and the BMW M5. Both four-door super sedans could smoke out the Autobahn, but it seems like the AMG E 63 S had the upper hand in the previous races, prompting people to look for the M5 Competition package. The BMW M5 Competition produces 617 horsepower

The next BMW M5 will be all-wheel-drive, you just need to press the rear-drive button

The next BMW M5 is in effect warant to be all-wheel drive, like it or not. Torque vectoring, traction control and stability control can do much to help set rear-drive power down safely. M division's CEO is Frank van Meel. He has already confessed that a move to rear-biased AWD  had to happen in the BMW super-sedan.

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