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Nissan lays out plans for electrified, fatality-free future

Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn talked at CES 2017 and reveled the Nissan future as well as general automotive frame. Company intentions are to go into direction of zero emissions and zero fatalities, which including testing of vehicles with autonomous driving in Japan, pointing out upcoming Nissan Leaf. Important part of the Nissan future is also

Michigan became the first state to establish regulations for the testing, use and sell self-driving cars

„The new law protects the public's safety while at the same time allows the mobility industry to grow without overly burdensome regulations," said governor of Michigan Rick Snyder. New bill will allow automakers to develop, test and sells vehicles with autonomous driving systems in the most populated state of U.S. Governor said on today’s signing

Self-driwing Ford in mass production until 2021

This is, in short, courageous plan that company president Mark Fields presented at Palo Alto, California. Ford wants to mass-produce a fully autonomous self-driving car without a steering wheel by 2021 year. Fields also talked about how great impact autonomous vehicles have on society, almost as great as Ford’s moving assembly line 100 years ago.  “The

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