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Amazon builds team for autonomous vehicle technology

Amazon has quietly pulled together a team to home in on autonomous vehicle technology and how to leverage it for the online retail giant’s needs, potentially aiding its quest for quick delivery, The Wall Street Journal reported. The team consists of about a dozen employees who focus more broadly on how Amazon can deliver its

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Owners of Tesla vehicles suing company for defections of autopilot

In the lawsuit filed in the U.S. District Court in San Jose (California), drivers are complaining on the Autopilot software stating that it is dangerously defective. Vehicle owners stating that the cars, paid between $81,000 to $113,000, are acting strangely and often “lurching, slamming on the brakes for no reason, and failing to slow or

I.D. BUZZ – new electric powered microbus concept from Volkswagen

Volkswagen presented its new electric powered microbus concept I.D. BUZZ at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit this week. The vehicle looks like the modern version of the classic VW microbus, but it actually present major come forwarded model in accordance with the previous BUDD-e electric microbus. Vehicle include all the latest technological

Ford expands fleet of self-driving test cars

Ford enrichened its test fleet with twenty new Ford Fusions, equipped with more self-driving technology that the vehicles used until now for those purposes. New vehicles in the fleet which until now consisted of ten autonomous Fusion Hybrids, have more advanced driverless technology and reduced hardware. Information that Ford Motor Co. expanded its pool of

Nissan introduced intelligent vehicle towing

This week is exiting for the autonomous driving, and the refreshment is coming from the Nissan and its Oppama Plant. It is not only that the producer is preparing the intelligent autonomous driving vehicles for the roads, they have decided to use its self-driving Leaf for towing. A pair of Leafs are outfitted to tow

Michigan became the first state to establish regulations for the testing, use and sell self-driving cars

„The new law protects the public's safety while at the same time allows the mobility industry to grow without overly burdensome regulations," said governor of Michigan Rick Snyder. New bill will allow automakers to develop, test and sells vehicles with autonomous driving systems in the most populated state of U.S. Governor said on today’s signing

Japan Inc. developing world-leading intelligent transportation system by 2020

Intelligent transport system through the use of autonomous and connected-car technologies, Japan Inc. is planning to push up to 2020. The rollout shifts into high gear next year with carmakers cleared for automated driving tests on highways and unmanned driving tests on public roads in remote low-traffic areas. The government's goal: Commercialize the services by

Level 5 autopilot hardware in all Tesla models

Tesla started production of the vehicles which with hardware for full autonomous driving, and starting today all models will be delivered with it. As Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla said, new autopilot will be capable for level five autonomy operations, while current is on level two. New equipment, named Autopilot hardware 2, using eight surround

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