Say goodbye to the Smart city car in the United States and Canada. The little two-seater will end its markets at the end of this year, according to a report from TechCrunch.

A spokesperson for Smart/Mercedes-Benz operations in North America confirmed the action to in the following statement.

“After much careful consideration, Smart will discontinue its battery-electric Smart EQ Fortwo model in the U.S. and Canadian markets. A number of factors, including a declining micro-car market in the U.S. and Canada, costs for a low volume model are central to this decision.

Mercedes-Benz will carry forward its electric strategy in the U.S. and Canada. MBUSA and Mercedes-Benz Canada will continue to provide owners of gasoline-powered and electric Smart Fortwo models with access to service and replacement parts via Smart and authorized Mercedes-Benz dealers.

The microcar is presently available only as an EV in the U.S. and Canada.