Preview of an future electric Lamborghini Terzo Millennio

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At the begining of November Lamborghini ,presented a picture of our idea of hybrid successor to the Huracan. It turned out that we weren’t so much right. The vehicle that Lamborghini  was showing is the Terzo Millennio actually. That is the Italian supercar producer’s idea for appearance of possible electric supercar.

Currently, this is the design concept, but really, it is so so good. It’s still has a lot of Lamborghini DNA, but it seems like it is even more crazy than the most weird  production vehicles. Obviously, the designers could have wild imagination and ideas, giving the Terzo Millennio a disastrous appearance. If you looked at the Centenario and thought, “Meh, too tame,” then this is the Lamborghini for you.

But the Terzo Millennio is a lot more than just some design study

But the Terzo Millennio is a lot more than just some design study. Lamborghini  explores the future of energy storage, materials, propulsion, and design, working with the Massachusetts Institute of  Technology’s Dinca Research Lab and the mechanical engineering department’s Mechanosynthesis Group. Some of that work has been researching better ways for production of carbon-fiber constructions and there’s maybe even a possibility for finding a way for creation self-healing parts. As it comes to appearance, while the Terzo Millennio look like something a more evil drawing of Darth Vader, Lamborghini says that the style is “totally dedicated to perfecting airflow.”

Sadly, there don’t appear to be any plans at the moment to ever produce the Terzo Millennio, but it sure is one awesome-looking concept. And if this is what the future of supercars looks like, maybe electrification won’t be so bad.

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