Porsche will offer electric Mission E Tesla in three power levels

Porsche’s first fully electric electric production car, the Mission E, will be offered in three power levels, Britain’s CAR magazine has learned. The fully electric sedan, due on sale in 2019, will likely be offered in Carrera, Carrera S and Turbo flavors, reflecting a performance ladder familiar to Porsche buyers rather than the presence of turbochargers.

CAR reports that the base Carrera version will be tuned to 300 kW (402 hp), while the middle Carrera S version will produce 400 kW (536 hp). The range-topping Turbo trim, meanwhile, will churn out 500 kW (670 hp). All three will feature all-wheel drive and will be able to cover about 300 miles on a full charge, even though a front-wheel-drive version is also expected to be in the works for a later debut from the rest of the pack. The Mission E sedans will have two-speed transmissions — basically an in-town gear and a highway gear — and are expected to offer 0-60-mph sprint times of 3.5 seconds, as well as top speeds limited to 155 mph.

The base 402-hp Mission E will have a base price of $75,000 on sale in 2019

 When it comes to design and packaging, the production versions are expected to have a more toned-down appearance with regular doors instead of suicide doors, more conventional headlights and a roomier interior. In fact, the interior is not expected to be that much smaller than that of the Panamera, as the electric powertrain should free up a bit of room inside.

The Mission E is also expected to feature plenty of autonomous driving tech; previous reports have suggested it will offer Level 4 automation, which will permit autonomous operation on the highway but will still require the driver to take over at a moment’s notice. The extent of the autonomous features in the Mission E haven’t been revealed yet, but Porsche executives have mentioned in the past that they do not intend to make the autonomous tech upstage the driving experience.

Porsche’s Mission E is expected to take on the likes of the Tesla Model S given the price range, performance and luxury interior to be offered in the Porsche model. By the time the Mission E debuts, the field of luxury sedans is expected to grow with entries from other automakers, but Porsche’s version will certainly sit in a higher tier.


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