Porsche 960 supercar postponed

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Porsche wants a bigger piece of supercar market but it may take longer than expected because of scandal for cheating diesel emmisions that is underway. That scandal afflicted Cayenne Diesel so as couple other models from the Volkswagen Group.

Held by success of 918 Spyder, Porche wants to fill the gap between the top-end 911s and the hypercar part that the 918 is now, by craving to launch more accessible performance.  This car, follower of really successful 959, which is why it’s called “960”, would aim Ferrari [NYSE:RACE] 488 GTB, Lamborghini Huracan and McLaren 650s. It would feature a mid-engine layout and be much more constant fixture in the line up, like it’s opponents.

Porshe 2017 or later

But there’s a possibility that we not see it until the end of 2026. Allegedly , it is very difficult to find out the date of this decade when we’ll be able to see it, in spite of all developnets that are happening for some time. Earlier we thought that it will be launched at 2017 and that it would be first model for modular sports car platform that is developed by Porsche for its coming generation of 718 and 911 models, so as new Audi R8 and new generations of supercars from Lamborghini.

VW’s efforts to cut costs by eliminating niche products may be fundamental reason for the delay. Most of German auto recources are now invested in electric cars. On the other side, expectations for 960 were that it’s coming with a quad-turbocharged flat-8 engine with 650 horspower. Another reason to worry is also a possibility of this car ruining the sales of supercar models from Audi and Lamborghini.

Porche has already a lot to come up with. At the end of the year we’ll will be able to see Panamera wagon. Also a new generation 911, a new electric car, which is based on Mission E concept car from 2015. , and even opportunity of an SUV with coupe-like styling.

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