Porsche 911 Turbo S vs. 911 GT3 RS: On Track, They’re unbelievably close

There isn’t really a bad trim to choose from when it comes to the Porsche 911. Even Carrera S is an excellent car with a lot to offer. So the Turbo S and GT3 RS are very high in the 911 range for a reason. Every Turbo S and the GT3 RS have almost same price and every car has its own unique set of characteristic that makes it pretty good. The GT3 RS, for example, has a lot of carbon fiber bodywork for saving weight, and has pile of downforce thanks to that huge wing. It has a naturally aspirated 500-horsepower flat-six, driving the rear wheels.

The Turbo S, is a completely different beast, on the other side. It’s more on the luxury side, equipped with a full interior and a much more meek exterior design. But  the Turbo uses forced induction and all-wheel-drive grip to make its path through a turn, unlike the GT3.

EVO had a chance to bring these two ultimate 911s back on track and compare times. They set the exact same lap time, despite the mostly different ways each vehicle goes to get around the track, with the same driver behind the wheel. It is just going to show, no matter which top-of-the-line 911 you take, you’ll have a machine that can go very, very fast.

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