Polestar Begins Delivering EVs To Hertz

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Polestar announced that it has begun delivering new Polestar 2 electric cars to Hertz, which already deploys Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Y models.

Hertz intends to deploy a total of 65,000 Polestar vehicles over a period of five years (13,000 per year on average), which is described as one of the largest single orders for electric cars ever made.

Initially, Hertz is receiving Polestar 2 vehicles, but the company is expected to use also other upcoming models (including the Polestar 3 electric SUV). The P2 is expected to be available for rent in Europe from this Spring, while in North America and Australia, it should appear in late 2022.

According to the latest press release, Hertz is adding also the Polestar 1 plug-in hybrids, but we must remember that it’s a rather symbolic deployment of a very special car produced in pretty limited numbers.

“In addition, Hertz is now adding the Polestar 1 electric performance hybrid to their Dream fleet as well, to allow customers to experience the high-performance carbon fibre sports GT first hand.”

Globally, Polestar delivered more than 55,000 electric cars (including 29,000 in 2021) across 25 markets. The target for 2022 is to deliver 50,000 cars (down by 15,000 from 65,000 units, forecasted previously due to Chinese lockdowns).

By the end of 2025, the company would like to increase annual sales to approximately 290,000, which is related to the introduction of new models and expansion to additional markets.

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