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It’s official – Porsche is officially done with diesels!

Porsche in recent months has been in the midst of internal talks regarding the future of diesel engines within its own lineup. Those talks are clearly over, because the German automaker has just killed off the last remaining oil-burner holdouts in the lineup. For Porsche, diesel is now officially dead.

Porsche has removed the last two models offered in a diesel flavor. The Macan S Diesel and the Panamera 4S Diesel are off the market. This brings Porsche’s diesel chapter to a close just 16 years after it kicked off. That first Porsche to get a diesel engine was the first-generation Cayenne.

It won’t be a huge blow to Porsche though, as diesel sales make up just 15 percent of the global total sales figure. That’s not a small number, but it’s also not enough for the automaker to lend any more focus its way. Especially considering that consumer desires are shifting away from a need for diesel and towards electrification.

Porsche’s future is an electrified one

The Cayenne and Panamera already offer a plug-in hybrid option. Even the 911 will be going the hybrid route and Porsche next year will launch its first volume electric car, in this case the production version of 2015’s Mission E concept. As long as the car resembles the stunning Mission E concept than everything should be alright in Stuttgart. After all, you can’t be upset about a gorgeous 4-door that offers over 300 miles of range while doling out 0-62 mph launches that take less than 3.5 seconds of your time.

While this decision to officially chop off its diesel models is surprising, it’s not because of the action itself. Just the timing. Prior reports mentioned that Porsche would make this move by the end of the decade. We assumed some minor feet dragging would run that out until just before an electric offering arrives. But Porsche says “nein” to diesel, and is prepared to go forth with only gas, hybrid and electric into the future.

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